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.....In United States v. Bratten Mr. Welch won a complete acquittal for a working mother, who was facing charges related to a racketeering conspiracy. Ms. Bratten avoided a possible forty year sentence.

.....In United States v. Green Mr. Welch won a complete acquittal for a working father, who was facing a charge of witness intimidation after using social media to complain about the prosecution of his brother. Mr. Green avoided a possible twenty year sentence.

.....In State v. Duppins Mr. Welch won a complete acquittal for a fourteen year old boy who was facing charges related to attempted first degree murder.  The child avoided a possible life sentence.

.....State v. McCullogh involved the defense of a sixteen year old African American youth accused of raping a white girl. Despite a fifty page "confession" and alleged physical evidence of force, Mr. Welch persuaded the jury to acquit of all charges. The child avoided a possible thirty year sentence. Through careful cross-examination Mr. Welch exposed the accuser's belief that if she did not accuse the defendant, she may have faced a rape charge herself, because she was an adult, the defendant was a minor, and other people knew that they had sex.

.....In State v. Conner Mr. Welch won a complete acquittal of felony narcotics and conspiracy charges for an elderly and diabetic client.  Mr. Conner avoided a possible forty year sentence.

.....State v. Edwards resulted in a complete acquittal of charges in a first degree murder case, and State v. Hudgins resulted in a complete acquittal of charges in an attempted first degree murder case.  Both clients avoided possible life sentences.

.....In State v. Elem Mr. Welch persuaded the court to dismiss attempted first degree murder and attempted second degree murder charges.  As a result Mr. Elem avoided a possible life sentence.  Mr. Welch then persuaded the jury to dismiss a first degree assault charge.

.....In State v. Lewis Mr. Welch persuaded the jury to acquit of five charges that each carried a life sentence.

.....In State v. Lowery Mr. Welch pursued a commitment for inpatient drug treatment for a mother who had been addicted to drugs for much of her life.  As a result Ms. Lowery avoided a lengthy prison sentence that would have been without the possibility of parole.

.....As a result of Mr. Welch’s cross-examination of a police detective regarding preparation of a search warrant, the jury could not reach a verdict in State v. Carter.  The court declared a mistrial, and Mr. Welch negotiated a reduction of the charges and a sentence of six years.  As a result Mr. Carter avoided seventy years in prison.

.....The state sought two attempted first degree murder convictions in State v. McBride, and Mr. McBride faced two life sentences plus forty years.  Mr. Welch persuaded the jury to dismiss all of the murder, first degree assault, and handgun charges.  The jury found Mr. McBride guilty of second degree assault.  Mr. Welch then persuaded the court to impose seven years instead of the twenty that it could have.

.....Mr. Welch has had similar successes in misdemeanor jury trials.  State v. Griffin involved his advocacy for a client who faced a simple assault charge.  The case resulted in a hung jury and an offer by the state to enter stet.  In State v. Douglas his advocacy in a drug possession case resulted in a hung jury, and the state reduced its plea offer from jail to a suspended sentence.

.....Mr. Welch won complete acquittals in State v. Woodard which involved a simple assault and State v. Clifton which involved possession of heroin.

.....These are only some of the many jury trials in which he has been defense counsel.  He has also successfully represented many clients in bench trials and in juvenile court.  These cases all involved their own specific facts.  No attorney can guarantee the outcome in a case.


.....The pages and links on this web site are provided as a public service and on an informational basis only.  They do not provide a comprehensive statement of the law, and no one should rely on these materials as legal advice.  If you have a legal problem or question, you should consult with an attorney, who can investigate the particular circumstances of your situation.  Although I answer all e-mail and telephone calls, this does not constitute legal representation.  I am not your lawyer, until we make an agreement and I receive my fee.  In order to protect your confidentiality, please call to discuss your concerns.  E-mail is not a confidential means of communication, because it can be intercepted by anyone.    The initial consultation is free.

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